Construction and environment

Buildings and infrastructure have to be planned, executed, operated and restored in an environmentally sound manner. We all benefit from an ecological and energetically optimised method of construction and technology: the owners, the users and the neighbours. Together we develop not only cost-effective but also efficient measures and we also assist you in the implementation of your plans.

Approval Procedure and Environmental Impact

For certain structures like e.g., federal roads, shopping centres or recycling stations an environmental impact assessment has to be done according to the law. For construction projects not demanding an environmental impact assessment, environmental impacts can be analysed in an environmental note. We prepare environmental impact assessments and environmental notes for your project.

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Operational Environmental Protection and Prevention of Hazardous Incidents

Risks for humans and the environment have to be confined by appropriate measures for operations, traffic routes and pipelines subject to the Ordinance on Protection against Major Accidents. We can assist owners of structures as well as enforcement authorities in applying the legal requirements.

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Site Appraisals for Infrastructure Facilities

Sites for landfills or other infrastructure facilities have to be appraised very carefully to eliminate any risks for humans and the environment. We are familiar with the criteria for a sustainable site selection and can assist you in finding a suitable site for your project.

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Resource Efficiency in Enterprises, Material Balances

Successful enterprises use resources in a conscious manner. Operational material balances provide valuable information on improving resource efficiency. We analyse material and energy flows in your enterprise and offer well-founded advice on how you can save money by reducing consumption of resources.

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Noise Protection, Noise Modelling

Noise protection has essential requirements for planning and conception of new residential buildings or the construction of new industrial structures. We can assist you in modelling and assessing traffic and industrial noise.

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Sustainability Assessments of Buildings

Sustainability is becoming more and more important for public and private builders. Besides an environmentally sound choice of materials, aspects like flexibility of use and access to public transport have to be taken into account. We can establish the expertise for your project and ensure compliance with relevant standards.

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