Ecology and Water

Natural habitats are threatened by intense construction activities in agglomerations. Introduced organisms put the indigenous flora and fauna under pressure. Age-old agricultural meliorations need to be revised. Thoroughly planned measures can ecologically improve natural areas in a cost-efficient manner and protect material goods efficiently.

Strategies and Concepts for Nature in Residential Areas

Cities are important habitats for many animal and plant species. Unnatural habitats can be ecologically improved with specific measures, e.g., revegetation of rivers, construction of stonewalls or sowing of species rich dry meadows instead of sterile lawns. Together we develop efficient strategies and concepts to promote nature in settlement areas.

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Concepts to Control Harmful Organisms

As a consequence of global trade, more and more invasive plants and animals are introduced in Europe. Some of them endanger the indigenous flora and fauna and can cause enormous economic damage. We can help you survey the uninvited guests and control their dispersal.

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Hydraulic Concepts, Revitalisations

Revitalisations of waterbodies have ecological, social and economic aims. The long-term maintenance of value of systematic drainages in cultivated land will be an important topic in coming decades and has to be addressed at an early stage. We can assist you in developing well-balanced solutions.

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Drainage Planning and Wastewater Treatment

In the framework of the drainage master plan of the municipalities, all waterbodies have to be evaluated. Thereby the qualitative and quantitative deficits of the waterbodies caused by drainage have to be recognised and eliminated. We can assist you with problem analysis and in finding solutions.

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Environmental Monitoring

Environmental changes are often slow and unspectacular. Therefore, we have to be very attentive. Ecological monitoring always asks for meaningful measuring parameters, a practical measuring concept and reliable data analysis. With our broad range of experience we are happy to help you.

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