Waste and resources

Waste management has to comply with high ecological, economical and social demands. Waste disposal security has to be guaranteed and utilisation should be carried out in high quality and economically. Furthermore, incineration plants should emit as few pollutants as possible and must be energetically efficient. Disposal routes should be transparent and user friendly.

Waste Management Planning and Concepts

According to the technical regulations for waste (Verordnung über die Vermeidung und die Entsorgung von Abfällen VVEA, former TVA) the Swiss cantons develop waste management plans and revise them periodically. One part of waste management planning is landfill planning. We can assist you in the development of waste management and landfill planning and in the preparation of waste management reports.

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Material Flow Analyses, Material Flow Monitoring

Material flow analyses and material flow processes provide valuable information required for process optimisation. They show potentials for recycling of resources and reduction of pollutants. Furthermore, they can be used for impact analysis and the final check of waste management measures. Based on our expertise we generate material flow analyses in an efficient and goal-oriented way.

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Concepts for Disposal and Logistics, Submissions

Improved preparation, collection, transport and utilisation of waste can reduce environmental impacts and costs and enable offering up-to-date disposal facilities for the public. We can assist you in optimising and submitting waste management services in your municipality.

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Disposal Technology, Landfill Technology

Waste is collected, shredded, broken, sorted, pressed into bales, stored temporarily, melted down, extracted, recycled or thermally utilised and landfilled. We can assist you with procedural questions of disposal and landfill technology.

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Data Analyses and Data Structuring

Operating figures are more important than ever. We collect, analyse and structure data from waste management, can assist you in defining appropriate operating figures and indicators and prepare analyses.

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Moderation and Communication

Waste management strategies only can be implemented if they are recognised and accepted by the public. The feasibility of implementation of such measures is much increased by appropriate information and communication. We moderate workshops and discussion groups.

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