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Your Partner for Environmental and Resource Management

With our activities we want to contribute to the sustainable development of society. GEO Partner AG offers profound analyses and practical solutions for current issues.

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GEO Partner AG

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Environmental and Resource Management

Wood + Forest

Wood is among the most important resources worldwide. We can help you answer questions concerning the timber industry and resource policy.

  • Resource and climate policy
  • Consulting of forestry operations
  • Potential use of wood
  • Fuel wood logistics

Waste + Resources

Waste management is material management. We can assist you in planning, regional optimisation and with implementation.

  • Material flow analyses
  • Waste management planning
  • Collection and disposal concepts
  • Disposal technology

ConstructIon + Environment

Constructions and facilities have to be executed, operated and deconstructed in an environmentally sound manner. We can accompany your construction projects through the entire lifecycle.

  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Prevention of hazardous incidents
  • Sustainability in buildings
  • Noise protection

Ecology + Water

Natural habitats are becoming more and more rare and valuable. We can assist you in managing green spaces and waterbodies.

  • Nature in residential areas
  • Strategies for invasive plants
  • Revitalisations
  • Drainage and waste water